Research Department


The SETUBIO Research Department consists of three teams of engineers expert in microbiology and parasitology, directly linked to the professional world. SETUBIO laboratories are located on two sites, one specializing in human and animal nutrition and health (Naturopôle, Saint-Bonnet de Rochefort), the other specializing in hygiene and cosmetics (Biopark, Vichy). The proximity of the two sites involved are strategic for the responsiveness to the needs of industry to address and propose solutions to various biological problems.


Three types of research are conducted within this department:

       ✓       Internal Research, SETUBIO develops its own antimicrobial, antiparasitic and prebiotics range.
       ✓       Partnerships, AlgoHub™ program for example.
       ✓       Subcontracts, enhancement of customer collections by the detection of biological activities, solutions to microbial and parasitic problems, ...


The original principle of operation of the research at SETUBIO is only possible through the high performance screening technologies of biological properties. Indeed hundreds of compounds can be run simultaneously on a specific pathological model (target: strains involved), or a broad spectrum of microorganisms. This sets the optimal implementation for a given compound. This method allows us to study in depth a wide range of candidates to find the best active ingredients biologically effective.


Two technical approaches:

       ✓       From a specific active compound: SETUBIO researchers will investigate all of the properties in order to identify the different applications and therefore 
             different markets.
       ✓       From a market: SETUBIO researchers can adapt the large number of models to a specific market, including already known molecules, to specific HTS 
modules (cosmetic module, human nutrition, health ...)



Products Department


In 2012, SETUBIO introduced its first active from his research on the American market. The ingredient, Compound FJ1, is marketed in North America as a dietary supplement by its partner AMS Biotek (www.amsbiotek.com). Compound FJ1, is currently the subject of an American patent pending recording (Inventor JC SERGERE AMS Biotek).


In January 2014, SETUBIO launches its first range of dermocosmetic products intended to relieve the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Products from the Nolea-Joy trademark are available in accredited pharmacies, and on the dedicated website.

Antimicrobials, antiparasitics and prebiotics developed by SETUBIO are subject to industrial property through patents of invention. These products are available for clinical trials and the development of applications.