Every year in France, 700,000 patients follow a chemotherapy or a radiotherapy. These cancer therapies generate in patients many side effects, the most visible being dermatological problems.

In France, there was until now no products specifically developed taking into account the demands of patients, according to new European regulations, and containing a significant amount of bioactive plant extracts to fight effectively against the side effects of treatments.


Given this situation, SETUBIO has partnered with a young project leader, to bring together to the market a range of dermo-cosmetic care products: Nolea-Joy.

This first generation of products consists of five formulations specifically developed to meet the basic needs of patients:


       ✓       Face & Body Cleansing Cream
       ✓       Hand & Feet Moisturizing Balm
       ✓       Face Velours Moisturizing Cream
       ✓       Body Moisturizing Cream
       ✓       Gentle/Scalp Hair Shampoo


All these fully designed and manufactured in France products have been tested according to the new European standards (irritability assays, patch tests, toxicity studies ...) and do not contain perfumes, dyes or parabens. Unusually, they all contain at least 40% natural botanical active ingredients, often rare, from the latest research or from traditional medicines, with proven benefits. They contain no more than 35% water, thus ensuring an optimal concentration of active plant extracts.

Each of these products has been specifically developed keeping patient comfort as a primary objective: non-greasy textures, non-sticky, in suitable containers, adapted to cancer-treatment-side effects and delivering the optimum amount of product. Secondary packaging has been banned for ecological reasons.


Products of Nolea-Joy are no longer marketed.